Department store chain John Lewis is now providing a platform for consumers to test a new virtual reality (VR) headset, at its flagship UK shop.

Freefly VR will be stocked exclusively with John Lewis for a four-week period, and anyone interested in purchasing the product can try before they buy on Level 5 of the retailer's London Oxford Street London store.

The headset, which is from Proteus VR Labs, offers experiences developed by VR production company Rewind, which run on a Samsung Note 4. One demo John Lewis customers can witness is a high definition version of Strictly Come Dancing, while they can also zone into a fast lap with former Top Gear 'Stig' character, Ben Collins.

Rewind co-founder Solomon Rogers believes the deal with John Lewis marks the start of new technology category in stores, with consumers increasingly set to see this type of product stocked in various retail outlets throughout 2016. VR is certainly on trend, with Oculus Rift, the technology company owned by Facebook, set to be launched next year, as well as the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and Virgin Holidays using it as a customer engagement tool in their stores.

"The release of the Freefly in John Lewis stores this Christmas marks a true firing pistol moment for VR production, and the start of mass adoption outside of the pure PC gamer market," argued Solomon. 

"Although the high profile gaming orientated VR headsets are coming out in Q1 2016, the Freefly VR headset has got a head start on them on price point, and ease of use as you can use any smartphone with it. By deploying and developing VR experiences for mobile use, we have access to the current two billion worldwide smartphone users."

Rewind has already created VR content specifically for use on smartphone app stores for organisations such as the BBC, Red Bull and Lexus.

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