As retailers continue to seek solutions that can offer their customers a seamless experience across various channels, football clubs are also looking to provide their respective fanbases with similar levels of service.

English Championship club Nottingham Forest claims to be one of the first teams to have achieved this after working with digital marketing consultancy PushOn, which has helped oversee the development of a new website platform run by eCommerce technology provider Magento.

Previously, the football club – which were crowned European champions in 1979 and 1980 – had outsourced the running of their retail store and website to a third-party, but having brought this in-house and utilised PushOn's range of technology partners, the club now believe they run a less siloed commercial operation.

The digital consultancy project managed the implementation of technology from Ebizmarts, Orbis, UK Fast and SagePay.

Steve Dickman, an IT consultant involved in the Nottingham Forest project, said: "We’re proud to be one of the first football clubs in the UK to have an omnichannel offering so we can provide the same quality shopping experience with our eCommerce site as found in our mega store.

"The digital marketing expertise that PushOn was able to provide was fantastic and really helped us to push the boundaries and provide a world leading experience for our customers."

It is hoped that by aligning customer data from its online operation and store-based transactions, Nottingham Forest will be better positioned to send personalised offers and general marketing messages to its fans.

Simon Wharton, managing director of PushOn, commented: "We developed and implemented Nottingham Forest’s omnichannel strategy to firstly bridge the gap between the mega store, the online shop and the warehouse distribution centre.

"By doing so we created seamless visibility across each channel and multiple devices so the club can provide a better, individual shopping experience."

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