Global fashion brand Ralph Lauren is looking to engage with consumers via mobile technology at London department store Harrods.

Ralph Lauren has taken over the 15 window displays at the Brompton Road store to support the launch of its Polo Ralph Lauren line and mark the designer's new Polo for women range.

By placing QR codes and mobile touch points on Harrods' shop windows, the brand is looking to connect with shoppers by offering exclusive and interactive smartphone content. The installation, in conjunction with mobile marketing, loyalty and NFC payments business Proxama, also gives shoppers' an out-of-hours opportunity to engage with the campaign and access the product range.

Guy Cheston, Harrods Media sales director, said: "Customers are using mobile and digital technology more and more, so we are keen to explore new ways for brands to interact with our customers whilst they visit the store.

"It's great to be able to reach out to passers-by, even when the store is closed and build brand loyalty and excite customers into the store, or for a return visit."

The Ralph Lauren campaign comes at a time when there are a number of technology companies looking to leverage mobile technology to enhance the shopping experience. Solutions such as Powa Technologies' PowaTag gives shoppers an opportunity to use a mobile app to make purchases with the tap of a button, while the recent launch of Apple Pay is widely expected to help make mobile shopping mainstream in the coming years.

At Harrods, each window is displaying large vinyl lenticulars and stickers allowing consumers to take advantage of the Proxama technology to tap or scan these points, which initiates a landing page on their smartphones. Shoppers are then offered an interactive map guiding them to the Fashion Lab, a recently launched area in the store where the Ralph Lauren collection is located.

Consumers tap their smartphones on QR codes and other touch points, gaining access to information about the product range

The landing page also links to the Harrods mobile website so that people walking by the window display can still access the collection when the store is closed, effectively bringing online retail to the store environment.

Proxama is using its TapPoint platform to provide Harrods with a view of the complete user journey and in-depth analytics, allowing the retailer to gauge the success of the campaign, in real time.

Miles Quitmann, chief commercial officer at Proxama, commented: "The combination of a luxury fashion brand and a globally recognised department store demonstrates the versatility of this type of technology.

"By offering consumers the opportunity to find the Polo range in-store and online, Harrods is combining its physical and digital assets, reaching consumers through the channel of their choice."

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