Littlewoods and owner Shop Direct says its work with analytics and software services provider, SAS, has helped it personalise the online product offering to people visiting the group's various websites.

The aim is to give customers greater levels of personal engagement by displaying content that is relevant to their individual shopping preferences and past behaviour, with product shown based on browsing and a wealth of customer and transaction data.

Over the last 12 months, SAS has worked with Shop Direct to build a system capable of analysing two years of historic customer, sales and inventory data in real time.  

Alex Baldock, group CEO at Shop Direct, said: "We're all about making it easier for our customers to shop."

Explaining a key strategy for the group in the months ahead, he added: "We want to tailor everything for our customer; the shop she visits and how we engage with her before, during and after she's shopped.

"Our partnership with SAS will allow us to get ever better at using data analytics to show our customer the right products at the right time to capture her attention."

Shop Direct and its digital team are keen advocates of the 'fail-fast, succeed-fast approach', where numerous technologies are trialled to see if they can bring benefits to customers and the wider business. If it does not work, the department moves on to the next trial.

Lately the business has been touting the benefits of Israel-based company Tangiblee's technology, which is used to ensure shoppers fully understand the size of the items they are purchasing. The system virtually compares item sizes with a model in the customer's own size or in comparison to items they already own.

Shop Direct says that by using the tool on, and, it has been able to boost mobile sales conversion across a number of product categories such as handbags and luggage.

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