RBTE 2016 is running a series of Retailer Bootcamps at London Olympia on 9-10 March 2016, following its successful eCommerce Bootcamps in 2015.

Held over two days for an audience made up exclusively of retailers, these are highly practical workshop sessions which will provide attendees with hands-on advice for every element of the customer journey. Attendees are able to learn about a subject and then go away and implement what they’ve learnt. 

Each of the nine sessions – hosted by nine different companies – will be repeated on both days of the expo. So what can we expect from truRating's session? Essential Retail caught up with the customer insights business to find out…

What is the subject of your RBTE bootcamp?

Hear from 88% of your customers daily: faster, smarter consumer insight.

What are the top five themes you are looking to address during the session?

  • Current feedback methods have huge limitations: online questionnaires aren't accurate, online reviews aren't reliable, and mystery shopping isn't representative. Traditional models see 1% of consumers making 99% of the noise, in systems that are open to gaming by business owners and their competitors. Current customer insight methods simply aren't effective.
  • What if there was a way to make sure only genuine paying customers had a say? And a system that gave you enough confidence in the results to help you enact change? With truRating, you can ask every paying customer to give feedback on the payment terminal with a single key press – and on average 88% do.
  • So what have we learnt? By the time of our bootcamp session we'll have been collecting ratings for over a year, giving us a huge data set across numerous merchants from which to pull out key learnings on consumer behaviours. Come to our session to find out how much more happy customers spend, which aspects of the customer experience are most closely linked to transaction values, what time of day consumers spend the most, and more.
  • How would your business benefit from truRating? Our system revolutionises the test and learn process, alleviating the risks attached to trying out new initiatives such as promotional activity, pricing changes, and adapting store layout. Trying new things is a crucial part of driving revenue, but it can be difficult to cut through the noise and assess the impact of making changes with ineffective feedback methods when so many variables are at play. The length of traditional testing periods can negatively impact the bottom line before the decision to roll out or pull an initiative is made.
  • So how does truRating work? It enables you to test and learn quicker and smarter. By asking every paying customer a single question on the payment device, feedback is fed directly into a data analytics dashboard for the business owner or insight team. In a much shorter time period, you'll have gathered a truly representative picture of your initiative's impact on customer experience and have all the information you need to decide whether to roll a promotion out or scrap it before damage is done. You can also use truRating to highlight areas in need of improvement that you might not otherwise have picked up on. You can evaluate your ratings over time, benchmark against your other branches and even compare your performance to anonymous competitors in your sector, giving you confidence in your results.

Why should retailers attend your bootcamp at RBTE?

  • We've already collected over one million ratings, and by the time we get to RBTE in March we'll have gathered millions more. We have an unprecedented insight into consumer behaviour across a range of merchants, and we want to share some key behavioural learnings.
  • We have case studies from live merchants in the sector to demonstrate the beneficial role that truRating can play in the decision-making process.

What key retail challenges are your company focused on solving?

  • Businesses are desperate for reliable, representative customer feedback. Currently, businesses typically hear from fewer than 1% of their customers, which means they often don't trust the insight they do receive. Genuine feedback from paying customers, available in near real-time, gives business owners the opportunity to make necessary, targeted changes quickly and effectively. truRating has the potential to significantly improve the customer experience and increase revenue.

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