Firebox has launched Gramography, an online website allowing customers to purchase products printed with their Instagram photos.

The gift e-tailer uses personalisation technology to populate the website with a customer's Instagram photos. This enables customers to instantly see how their Instagram photos will look when printed on products such as coasters and cushions.

The website was built by Firebox's in-house development and design team and uses its servers to take the latest few images from the user's Instagram account while layering them within template images using points and coordinates.

Emily Herriott, head of Gramography, said: "When the user visits the site, they are encouraged to login at the earliest opportunity so that the site can personalise their experience and display their own images on the product preview image.

"We have had some really positive feedback from customers about this already and we hope that previewing the products, having tailored them to each individual customer, can help sway their decision to purchase a meaningful keepsake."

"The Gramography site has been built with speed and personalisation at its core," added Herriott, who explained that Firebox decided to build a separate platform to ensure Gramography provides a faster and optimised user interface.

"We wanted Gramography customers to each have an individual experience. To buy from Gramography, you will need to have an Instagram account with your photos on anyway, so why not use a clever bit of technology to show customers what they could be receiving before they even place an order?"