TheFutureStore.Today is a collaboration of technology solution design and delivery providers, a group of major manufacturers, the Customer Experience Foundation and a contact centre – overall, around 20 of the best experts we could find to demonstrate how to completely revolutionise retailers' customer experience.

All will be revealed at RBTE, Europe's largest annual retail gathering on 10-11 March at London's Olympia.

Working together, TheFuturestore.Today team has built live demos and interactive customer experiences that highlight some of the key aspects of how retailers' relationship with technology is changing and how they can better deliver customer experience – and better means more cost effective.

As part of the Eye on Innovation trail at RBTE, which is sponsored by 4R Systems, the group has focused on demonstrating a clear insight about how existing technology from Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon – with special help from Samsung which is letting us use its coolest tech – will shape what the future retail experience will be. They are showcasing wearable tech and mobile payment, both of which could totally revolutionise your business processes.

The exhibition also features a great live demo of video customer engagement courtesy of Avaya and remarkable in-store analytic enhancements from Cisco.

Everything about the changing nature or your customer relationship

Around 20 of the best experts in retail technology and business strategy have collaborated to give you a feel of how customer experience is changing right now.

In simple terms these are demonstrations of what we think are the next major trends in retail. Each of these demos could be delivered today and each one could revolutionise retailers' customer engagement. Together they suggest that retail will be very different in three years' time.

There are even some rather cool robots you can meet, who will be there to answer questions, tell jokes and allow remote visitors to take a tour around the whole of the event. They will help you understand the practical use of remote technology.

Together TheFutureStore.Today demonstrates the top trends that will change the retail experience. How the blending of technology designed around the customer experience and the trends in consumer behaviour and technology are changing retailers' relationships with customers.

They cover a significant number of major changes in the retail customer relationship.

We are displaying the latest innovations in retail and consumer technology to demonstrate the future of retail experience.

1.) In-store analytics that will change the in-store experience

2.) Video customer service delivered everywhere (you can visit the stand remotely)

3.) Augmented reality applications for connecting you to connect and people (you can talk remotely to customer experience and technology experts)

4.) Call centre agents without the call centre

5.) 'Bring your home into my shop' – a new way of shopping from home

6.) Omnichannel engagement – how you connect your retail space to your digital world

7.) Customer experience modelling – how to build emotions and loyalty into your customer journey

8.) Jump Phone – a technology that always gets a phone signal

9.) Customer experience dashboards – how to operationalise your customer experience

10.) 'Retail Everywhere' – how you deliver your organisation to where the customer is from the single desktop to the single reporting system.

Each one of these could dramatically change retailers' cost and revenue base on their own. Together they are TheFutureStore.Today. There are also some fun demos and other things going on so make sure you check out stand number 873.

For more info please visit TheFutureStore.Today, which is a collaboration of products and services from the following companies:

  • Customer Experience Foundation
  • 4Net Technologies
  • Avaya
  • Britannic Technologies
  • Chirp.Io
  • Cisco Systems
  • CPM
  • Digital Bridge
  • PSS Help
  • RoboSavvy
  • RBTE
  • Samsung