Retail property company Land Securities has today announced that an innovative new car retailing experience is to open at its Kent shopping hub, Bluewater.

Called Rockar Hyundai, the new digital store will integrate in-store, online and mobile platforms, allowing guests to research, book a test drive, obtain a price for their old car, choose a payment option, purchase and organise a service of their car all at the touch of a button.  

Rockar Hyundai 'Angels' will also be on hand to provide the human touch in a digitally-focused store, by answering questions and providing additional help.

As opposed to typical pop-up stores at shopping centres, which often feature automotive brands, Hyundai has signed a ten-year lease and will occupy 2,015 sq ft of retailing space on Bluewater's lower Rose Gallery. 

Tony Whitehorn, president and CEO of Hyundai Motor UK, said: "I am delighted to announce the launch of Rockar Hyundai, a highly innovative and enticing addition to our existing dealer network. 

"It offers consumers an easy and flexible alternative to buying and owning a car unprecedented in the UK automotive industry. Rockar Hyundai is the shape of things to come."

Rockar Hyundai will have examples of the entire Hyundai range available to test drive, via a dedicated parking area adjacent to the rear of the store. The brand will also open a servicing facility close to Bluewater and promote the store across the Bluewater estate.

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Land Securities