The launch of Apple's iPhone 6 and smart watch can have a positive impact on the outdoor advertising sector, according to the new CEO of Clear Channel UK, Andrew Morley.

With both products offering near-field communication (NFC) capability, he acknowledged, there is set to be a greater number of consumers who are able to interact with advertising through their personal tech devices.

Morley, whose two previous roles have been as head of Motorola at Google in the UK and Ireland and as international vice president of marketing at Motorola, said that Apple's move – which was announced at a special company event in California, last week – could prompt large brands to invest in more interactive, NFC-enabled campaigns, potentially resulting in more opportunities for consumers to pay for products via outdoor advertising boards.

"Both the iPhone 6's NFC mobile wallet and the new Apple watch offer huge potential to outdoor advertisers," he explained.

"With current UK iPhone ownership at approximately 26% of the market, Apple has the potential to change the perception and raise awareness among brands, advertising agencies and consumers of NFC and the huge potential it holds to engage audiences."

This year saw the global launch of Clear Channel's NFC mobile interactive ad platform, Connect, and the solution has already experienced over 360,000 interactions through Android and other devices.

With Connect, advertising panels on Clear Channel's pedestrian-accessible sites across the world have been turned into mobile launch pads, which allow consumers to access interactive content from advertisers via their smartphones. As Apple now offers NFC capability, Morley is confident that consumer acceptance of this type of marketing will develop even further in the months ahead.

"Connect helps advertisers deepen engagement with consumers who can use NFC tags at thousands of our advertising sites to download advertiser content, find out more about a brand, receive money-off vouchers, find out local information, enter competitions and play games," he said.

"These are very exciting times for the advertising industry and Apple's announcement could be a significant development in the evolution of out-of-home media in particular."

Advertisers and planners can also access data and metrics captured by Connect, which includes date, time, location, conversion of click-throughs, as well as which types of device were used.

The mobile platform was initially launched in 10,000 locations in London and Edinburgh, but has since been rolled out across a number of European countries, South America and the US.

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