Orange SA, which was previously known as France Telecom, is looking to sell mobile technology and wearable products to the US market, according to reports over the weekend.

The telecoms business is set to launch an eCommerce operation in the US, with the Wall Street Journal suggesting the company is looking to diversify from its European and African heartlands and appeal to US consumers' taste for connected devices.

Set to be launched in Spanish and English languages, in association with Orange's South American subsidiary starMedia, the site is reportedly going live this week. There is also a plan for the website to sell pre-paid SIM cards to French tourists travelling to the US.

Phillip Smith, UK country manager for Trusted Shops, said that Orange has spotted an opportunity to establish itself as a leading retailer in wearable technology.

"If it can do this in the US it will give the company invaluable experience to bring back to Europe when wearable tech takes off," he explained.

He described the decision to launch an e-commerce operation in the US as "brave", even for a company of Orange's size, and detailed the "many factors to consider" when growing a business in foreign territories, including product range, culture, payment methods and brand awareness.

Trusted Shops advises companies that are expanding internationally to invest in various trust-building tools when they open in new markets, and Smith warned: "Successful businesses in Europe need to appreciate that the heritage and trust they have built in Europe will not be carried with them when entering a new territory."

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