Just under a third (30%) of Britons have admitted to shopping online between the hours of midnight and 4am, according to new research.

Charitable shopping platform Give as You Live said that the early hours of Saturday morning is the most popular time for unsociable online shopping, with people aged between 35-44 the most likely to make a purchase around this time.

The survey was conducted by Atomik Research between 28 January and 29 January 2014, and the data is based on responses from 2,032 men and women across the UK.

Some 70% of those that shopped between midnight and 4am said it was because they couldn't sleep, while 8% said they did so because they were under influence of alcohol. A further 5% said they were woken up by children so decided to shop.

Steff Lewis from Give as You Live commented: "With a third of us admitting to shopping in the early hours, retailers need to ensure there is enough support for their customers outside the usual 9-5 working day.

"Retailers must also realise that their late night customers won't be in the same mind-set as those shopping during the day. Our research found that the majority of late night shoppers were doing so because they couldn’t sleep, meaning that they are less patient and more prone to browsing."

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