The message for retailers and brands that are developing their mobile strategies over the coming months is "less is more", according to the senior eCommerce architect at eBay-owned eCommerce software provider Magento.

Commenting to Essential Retail, this week, Tom Lodge said that although mobile is clearly "critical" in the context of retailers' current journeys, keeping things simple is a popular message to convey.

"Don't try to recreate all the experiences of a website on a mobile device, you want to be focusing on what the customer will be doing with that device, which is likely to be searching for a product," he advised.

"If you are an omnichannel retailer that also means being able to find stores and products, as well as aiding the engagement piece."

Retailers such as Majestic Wine follow a similar strategy, with eCommerce director at the company Richard Weaver explaining recently that when working on last summer's re-launch of the business's online retail site, his team opted for a focused approach to mCommerce.

Working with Intershop, Majestic launched a mobile site which had a navigation structure allowing customers to simply locate stores, browse for product information and to find out about non-product details such as delivery options. Although it includes a full checkout on mobile, too, the site has been developed in the knowledge that it will typically be used for researching, rather than purchasing.

At this year's RBTE in London, Magento's Lodge presented a session on mCommerce alongside beauty brands Perricone MD and Charlotte Tilbury, which supported his comments on why retailers should not over complicate their mobile strategies.

Both brands are Magento customers, and both have reportedly achieved uplifts in mobile conversions by focusing on specific parts of their customers' typical journeys. Whereas Perricone MD paid attention to optimising its emails for mobile, Charlotte Tilbury set its sights on enhancing its content – and both businesses feel they are benefiting from these strategies.

The Micros Retail Delivery Report 2014, which assessed 239 of the UK's top retailers last year, showed that 67% of retailers had a mobile-optimised site. Although that was up 11% year on year, it is clear that there is still a gap in catering for the modern shopper.

"There are a lot of retailers that still have a long way to go in improving the mobile experience," explained Lodge.

For those businesses looking to invest in mCommerce this year, he added: "Less is more, focus on content and deepen engagement – all of which is saying focus on the essentials of what your customer is trying to do.

"It's not just trying to recreate everything from a desktop site, it's about focusing on that content and making sure you understand what the mobile customer is trying to achieve."