RBTE 2016 is running a series of Retailer Bootcamps at London Olympia on 9-10 March 2016, following its successful eCommerce Bootcamps in 2015.

Held over two days for an audience made up exclusively of retailers, these are highly practical workshop sessions which will provide attendees with hands-on advice for every element of the customer journey. Attendees are able to learn about a subject and then go away and implement what they've learnt.

Each of the nine sessions – hosted by nine different companies – will be repeated on both days of the expo. So what can we expect from NetSuite's session? Essential Retail caught up with the software business to find out...

What is the subject of your RBTE bootcamp?

Getting discounting right in 2016.

What are the top five themes you are looking to address during the session?

  • Corrosive culture of retail discounting costs the UK £20.3 billion. Retail leaders turning to tailored shopping experiences to make discount strategies work.
  • From combat to concierge – UK consumers reject one-hit-wonder discounting days
  • Sales soar, but siloed systems strain profits. Retailers are seeking a technology boost to manage rampant discounting
  • Putting Black Friday back in the black. Discounting – the devil is in the detail. New approaches to discounting can reap rewards
  • A demonstration of achieving a 360-degree of your business so you can get discounting right in 2016.

Why should retailers attend your bootcamp at RBTE?

Retail discounting strategy needs to change. To maintain profitability and win customer loyalty all sizes of retailers need to adopt more intelligent and dynamic discounting. Attend this bootcamp to ensure you are getting your discounting right in 2016.

What are the key retail challenges your company is focused on solving?

  • Unifying the back end retail operations, of supply chain and inventory management with the sales frontline be that in-store, or online. This will improve retail business viability and customer satisfaction, a win-win for retailers.
  • Retailers wanting to keep customers loyal will need to deliver the first concierge Christmas in 2016, offering deeply personalised offers and simpler, smoother, shopping.
  • IT teams need to eliminate information silos to meet the demands of changing consumer behaviour. Only with a real-time unified view of inventory and customers can new omnichannel retail strategies be successfully implemented.
  • Retailers can sell smarter, thus making customers happier, but that requires a holistic end-to-end visibility of sales and supply. That visibility enables smarter marketing, merchandising and logistics, which cut costs, and offer the route to better customer service.

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Registration for the bootcamps is now open – Book your place here

Visitors to RBTE must pre-register for the bootcamps to secure their place at the session/s of their choice.