Jewellery retailer Pandora has worked alongside computer-generated imagery (CGI) specialist Mackevision, to create its latest multichannel marketing campaign.

A 3D CGI portfolio of the retailer's latest Rose collection has been created to use in a new nationwide advertising drive that will appear in print, outdoor venues and stores across the UK. The ads are being handled by creative agency, The Minimart.  

Mackevision's visualisations of the jewellery will feature in a £1.2 million media campaign aimed at raising awareness of the Pandora brand to British shoppers. The ads represent a step away from targeting the luxury consumer and a move towards the mass market.

Arren Perfetti, creative director of Mackevision UK, commented: "Each piece of jewellery has been virtually recreated, ensuring the material qualities and subtle finishes are accurately matched to the physical jewellery items.

"Software including 3D computer programme, 3ds Max, and sculpting package ZBrush, allowed Mackevision to achieve the fine details and contours of the products to ensure they look identical to the products on the shop floor."

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