UK-based consumer electronics retailer Maplin is running a month-long television advertising campaign, supported by promotional activity online and via social media.

Highlighting the business's offering across multiple platforms, the Iris-created ads will appear on 96 channels including ITV, Channel 4, Sky and, for the first time, in the Republic of Ireland. The campaign features a re-working of the 30-second commercials it rolled out for its inaugural TV marketing appearance one year ago, as well as three new 10-second productions.

Exclusive extra online footage on Facebook and Twitter developed alongside Adconnection will aim to reinforce the company's message to new audiences, while Net Booster UK will be aligning the TV activities with paid search by promoting related ad copy on Google, Bing and YouTube.

Maplin is keen to promote the tech knowledge of its store staff throughout the UK

Henry Swift, marketing director at Maplin, commented: "Maplin's first national TV campaign demonstrated to us the potential power of broadcast in reaching customers. As well as increasing brand awareness, online and in-store sales have continued to rise following the campaign."

This year's marketing drive, he added, focuses particularly on the specialist in-store advisory service Maplin's staff can provide its customers.

A statement from Maplin said it had invested a "rate card advertising value" of £1.9 million on the campaign, in addition to further production costs. The ads will air throughout the UK and Ireland until 31 May.

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