Internet performance company Dyn will be addressing the eCommerce issues retailers must consider when expanding into new territories, at RBTE in March.

Dyn will be on stage as the European retail solutions conference and exhibition, which is set to take place between 10-11 March at London's Olympia, runs nine highly practical workshop sessions on eCommerce. The bootcamps will cover all aspects of the eCommerce journey – from customer attraction to checkout & payment.

Global expansion – with Dyn

Dyn's presentation will consider the following questions:

  • What are the key performance considerations every online business needs to know when planning global expansion? 
  • How can retailers manage, control and optimise their online infrastructure to deliver a consistent customer experience, regardless of geographic location?
  • How can retailers increase site responsiveness and conversion rates in global locations?
  • What can be done to prevent latency and downtime due to traffic spikes or malicious attacks?
  • What does every retailer need to know about doing business in China?

Dyn will warn retailers and brands that a slow website "is the new downtime" and the session will explain how businesses can plan for global expansion whilst improving overall site performance and responsiveness.

Attendees will learn how insight into global internet conditions is an essential consideration when planning for expansion, as well as hearing about the key cloud-based technology solutions that retailers can implement to monitor, control and optimise their online infrastructure. There will also be a specific section on how European retailers can address the Chinese market by hosting their stores from within the Chinese 'internet wall'.


Mark Lewis, internet performance expert at Dyn Retail. Find him on Twitter @MrMarkLewis.

The full eCommerce Bootcamp agenda:

Visitors to RBTE must pre-register for the bootcamps to secure their place at the session/s of their choice.

10.00 – Customer Attraction and Retention – with Odoo
10.45 – Pay By App – with Verifone
11.30 – Omnichannel Customer Platform – with NetSuite
12.15 – From Site to Store – with Kioware
13.00 – Interactive Marketing and Personalisation – with SmartFocus
13.45 – Global Expansion – with Dyn
14.30 – Data – with Net Booster
15.15 – Checkout and Payment – with Sage Pay
16.00 – Proximity, engagement and you – with Kontakt

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