RBTE 2016 is running a series of Retailer Bootcamps at London Olympia on 9-10 March 2016, following its successful eCommerce Bootcamps in 2015.

Held over two days for an audience made up exclusively of retailers, these are highly practical workshop sessions which will provide attendees with hands-on advice for every element of the customer journey. Attendees are able to learn about a subject and then go away and implement what they've learnt.

Each of the nine sessions – hosted by nine different companies – will be repeated on both days of the expo. So what can we expect from Ve Interactive's session? Essential Retail caught up with the retail technology business to find out...

What is the subject of your RBTE bootcamp?

What every digital marketer should know about programmatic advertising in 2016.

What are the top five themes you are looking to address during the session?

  • Learn more about the programmatic landscape

Whether you're new to the industry or a programmatic campaign pro, we'll be discussing recent changes to the industry and how they will affect your brand.

  • What dedicated technologies bring to the party

We will be looking at the key specialist technologies within the programmatic ecosystem and discussing the importance of having an agnostic approach to programmatic advertising to ensure maximum performance from your display campaign.

  • What is an effective data strategy

We'll take a closer look at 1st, 2nd & 3rd party data and how they can be utilised to deliver optimum performance for your display campaign.

  •  How to protect your brand

This is a good opportunity to learn more about best practice

  • The attributes you should look for when choosing the right supplier.

You employ a tech supplier because they can offer something you don't have the capacity to do in-house or is more efficient to outsource. Find out the key attributes you should be looking out for when choosing them.

Why should retailers attend your bootcamp at RBTE?

Programmatic advertising is a complex marketplace. Packed full of suppliers, tech jargon and complicated acronyms that can baffle the uninitiated and leave even the veterans feeling a little fuzzy.

Ve services over 10,000 clients worldwide, tracks more than £100 million worth of transactions a minute and routinely surpasses advertiser objectives on over 3,000 display campaigns a month.

So whether you're dipping your toe in the market, or have been running programmatic advertising campaigns for years, attend this session to learn more about the landscape, key technology providers, effective use of data, brand protection and attributes to look for when choosing the right supplier for you.

We want full audience participation too – we can all learn from each other, after all – so we're looking forward to hearing your thoughts on how programmatic can affect your brand in 2016.

What are the key retail challenges your company is focused on solving?

  • Low traffic – increasing traffic by harnessing the power of customer data and purchasing intent to deliver programmatic advertising campaigns that routinely surpass advertiser KPIs.
  • High bounce rates – we help to reduce bounce rate, making search campaigns more effective by matching search results with the correct products when the website does not initially display the searched for product(s).
  • High abandonment rate – we increase onsite engagement in order to reduce abandonment from product pages and the shopping cart by providing real-time re-engagement with customers before they leave their site.
  • Re-engaging lost baskets – we can recover abandoned shopping carts by drawing abandonment data from our platform to create personalised email communications that bring lost customers back to their pre-populated basket.
  • Reporting – we provide analytics on their website's key performance data by providing instant access to reports, generated sales, recovered revenue, commission invoicing as well as detailed insight into your websites performance.

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