Point-of-payment rating systems company truRating is hosting a bootcamp at RBTE, which takes place on 9-10 March at London Olympia.

Essential Retail caught up with Georgina Nelson, group CEO & founder of truRating, to find out more about the company and what she hopes to gain from the company's presence at the spring show.

Why have you booked a bootcamp for RBTE 2016? 

RBTE is a flagship event in the retail calendar: the best opportunity for big name brands to check out the latest innovations in the market and identify the solutions they need to give their business the edge. It’s the perfect place for us to showcase our technology to the industry’s key decision-makers and trendsetters.

We launched in 2015, and we’re already live in hundreds of outlets and restaurants across the UK, with well over a million ratings now collected and strong partnerships with the world’s biggest payments companies established. 2016 is really seeing us step up to the next level. We’ve been hard at work to get truRating ready for retailers with integrated till systems, and we’re now set to go live with the UK’s biggest high street chains later this year. We’re also so excited to be launching in Australia, the USA and Canada in the coming months. 

We’re ready to show off the power of our product - there’s nothing else like us out there. We’re enabling businesses to collect near real-time feedback from 88% of their genuine paying customers. Rather than demoing truRating on an exhibitor stand, we wanted to run an interactive session that would really allow us to show exactly how truRating can drive business change and increase revenue. Expect an engaging, enlightening bootcamp!

What new technology will you be displaying at the bootcamp, and why is it relevant?  

We will be showcasing truRating – our point-of-payment rating system that gives consumers the chance to have a say when they pay, and makes it easy for businesses to listen. Current feedback methods have huge limitations: online questionnaires aren't accurate, online reviews aren't reliable, and mystery shopping isn't representative. Currently, less than 1% of consumers are making 99% of the noise. With truRating, you can ask every paying customer to give feedback on the payment terminal with a single key press – and on average 88% do.

Our software sits on a range of payment devices including terminals, PoS systems, eCommerce and mobile payment gateways. Every time a payment process or checkout is initiated, a single feedback question is triggered from a rotating set of five core questions, each of which addresses a different aspect of customer experience. Retailers can also add two of their own custom questions, enabling them to dig down into store-specific issues and analyse the impact of new initiatives. Card, contactless, cash, online and mobile payments can all be used to collect anonymous ratings, which are paired with transaction value, basket-level data, use of promotions and even the server. Once captured, truRating delivers the data to your insight teams in near real-time. Businesses can track their ratings over time, benchmark performance against anonymous competitors, link customer sentiment to spend and get detailed analytics. Consumers have access to a recommendations site they can trust, with ratings from huge numbers of validated customers.

Name some of the retailers that you are currently working alongside?

We’re working on some fantastic projects at the moment with retailers across a range of sectors - grocery, sport and leisure, clothing and department stores. Many are currently in their pilot phase, learning how truRating can really help them to drill down into detail they’ve never seen before. This phase is also an important opportunity to get the store management teams behind truRating - showing them its power to improve individual store performance on an important metric like customer service. The beauty of truRating is that no matter what your segment, you can use the tailored service to improve a number of metrics: value, product, service, experience, and recommendability. 

One really interesting company we’re working with is Arco, the clothing retailer, which is using our product to analyse its performance across the chain. Clive Barstow, Arco’s head of retail, has been particularly impressed by truRating’s ability to assess the impact of promotional activity. He said: "We used truRating to assess a recent three-day sales event at the end of July and saw that increasing our value and recommendability ratings by approximately 4% led to a 77% uplift in spend during the promotion."

What's the best customer service you've experienced this year?

Uber constantly impresses me: they provide smooth service exactly when you need it, without hassle or intrusion, at the click of a button. Last week I was overcharged when my driver forgot to register that we’d arrived at the destination, and Uber refunded the full amount within half an hour of my complaint. The quick click simplicity is something we at truRating can relate to!

Quick-fire question round: Do you...

Shop in-store or online? Online for the weekly food shop, and then in-store for clothes, makeup and wine on the way home…

Prefer tea or coffee? Tea – Earl Grey. Five cups a day.

Use Facebook or Twitter? Neither.

Use iOS or Android? iOS.

Rate beacons or digital signage? I love art, and looking at beautiful things – and digital signage has the capacity to get there.

Use contactless or cash? I’ve been told I’m like the Queen – as in I never carry cash. On the occasions when I get it in my pocket, it’s such a novelty that I’ll quickly give it away to a Big Issue seller or something.