Confectionary brand Nestle is looking to run further in-store digital marketing campaigns with Asda, after it reported a successful initiative with the supermarket group during the peak shopping period in 2015.

The Quality Street campaign ran during the crucial end-of-year retail period

Animated content was used at the shelf-edge to promote the company's Quality Street range in the last three months of the year, which covered the traditionally busy shopping events of Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas.

Asda said that sales of Quality Street were up in the stores that hosted the digital screen campaigns

Nestle's global creative agency, Anthem, and its technology partner, Projection Artworks, used an Optoma projector powered by DisplayMapper software to put together the campaign.

Using Display Mapper, Nestle was able to use a central system to update its messaging throughout each retail event.

Nestle said the digital shelf advertising needed to stand out at a busy time of year

Ten Asda stores participated in the digital signage marketing trial in 2015, with one spokesperson for the supermarket saying customers reacted well to the technology in the aisles, adding that it provided "a whole new way of active selling".

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